Rich & Refined

Artisanal yet approachable, this award-winning french style raw-milk tomme cheese has been crafted with love.

With smooth buttery flavor paired with tangy notes, this versatile cheese takes you back to the good old days when quality ruled over quantity and flavor trumped convenience. Framed by a classic stony basket-weave rind, the dense semi-soft paste is a cheerful yellow that is wonderfully meltable.

Simple & Sophisticated

Aged between sixty and ninety days, our Alderney’s vibrant aromatic bouquet evokes a European sensibility complemented by an All-American attitude. On first bite, nutty and grassy notes develop on the palate slowly, crescendoing into a vibrant fruity flavor. Finishing with a hint of mushroom, this easy eating cheese is amazing alone but also makes a perfect partner.

For a sophisticated artisanal taste produced from classic, hearty and organic ingredients, try our Alderney today.