Start With The Best

Quality milk and artisanal cheesemaking technique is the foundation of our process. We make our Alderney from raw organic milk from our own beloved jersey cows who graze openly on clover grass and only eat the best natural ingredients. We never use antibiotics or hormones at our farm. So our Jersey cows make the best, butteriest milk that we turn into delicious curds with which we start our Alderney. 


Each of our cheeses is lovingly hand-crafted under Dan's guidance. We place our Alderney into a salt brine for a full day soak. Next we age the wheels on wood boards in our cheese cave. The cave temperature is at an optimal 52 degrees with carefully monitored 90% humidity. Our Alderney ages in the cave for a minimum of 60 days where we take extra care in weekly turnings and brushing of the rind.