Dan finn - Our Farmer

When Dan Finn found 160 acres of sprawling land nestled in majestic mountains and filled with streams, and picturesque views, he knew it was true love. The family bought the land in the heart of Catskills and Bovina Valley Farms was born.


In 2000 Dan Finn had returned to his roots in the Catskills and reconnected with his family’s heritage of award-winning cheese
making. His Great Grandfather was a prolific cheddar cheese maker whose recipe still hangs in the town’s museum.

Largely self-taught, the lure of cheese making was calling out to Dan through that old family history, and the desire to make a small farm viable again in these challenging times. The fond memories of growing up surrounded by Bovina’s once thriving dairy community is a recurring theme in his adult life. He fondly remembers hand milking a “house” cow Melissa, and summers of throwing hay bales growing up as a child. Those were times that just felt “right” as a kid.

Thomas O’Connell was the great grandfather on Dan Finn’s mother’s side. He had a reputation for his White Rose Cheddar
cheese making in the early turn of the century and left a legacy of award-winning cheeses, which made the upstate region grow in fame.

Innovation & Craft

In the early days of Bovina Valley Farm, Dan's guests enjoyed the great outdoors by day and home-cooked meals by night. But it was something else that brought them back again and again: the delicious, homemade cheeses made with a special nutritious milk from clover fed cows, lovingly cared for and prepared by farmer Dan Finn under the initial apprenticeship of another famed Catskill cheese maker, Jos Vulto.

Dan Finn has been exclusive milk supplier for Vulto’s array of cheeses for several years. Initially, Alderney was made at the Vulto
Creamery in nearby Walton NY. Largely self-taught, the lure of cheese making was calling out to Dan through the old family recipes
and family history recounted through the years.

Those first batches were offered to guests visiting the farm. They loved it and asked for samples to take home to family and friends.
Soon there was so much demand for Dan’s artisanal Alderney cheese that the farm began making the cheese onsite and shipping
the tomme style cheese to an ever-growing fan base.

JOhn FINN - Our Business Manager

A Bovina lifer, Finn grew up firmly rooted in Catskills surrounded by a once thriving dairy community. 

After several years working as a certified public accountant at KPMG and then starting his own highly successful technology and business services company for the film and television industry, John Finn felt the need for renewal and balance in his life. In 2008 John partnered up with his brother Dan to start Bovina Valley Farms. 

John in one of those rare individuals who manages to successfully balance a passion and interest in technology with equally strong passion for preserving and restoring the past. And when he is not consuming a steady diet of technology and numbers he clears his desk of spreadsheets, he picks up the bass guitar to play front man for Esquela, an Americana band with a growing, loyal fan base. 

John is that kind of guy who makes things happen. His love of music blossomed into an annual festival called Livestock, where local and regional bands gather for a daylong celebration of music, food and drink. 

The music making takes place on his upstate 30-acre spread, a return to the tight-knit community where he spent his childhood. When not noodling around on the guitar or jotting down lyrics to his next jaunty anthem, John divides his time between the farm and running several businesses, a creamery, a general store and a restaurant.